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First European Manufacturer Brings Wireless USB Set To Market

November 17th, 2008 Subscribe to WUSB Blog RSS Feed Bookmark

The Wireless USB adapter set allows European users to wirelessly connect from their notebook or desktop PC to a range of USB devices, which can be placed anywhere in the room.

Olidata Wireless USB Set WUSBKIT01(via Press Release from Olidata – November 17, 2008) Cesena, Italy – Olidata S.p.A., Italy’s leading manufacturer of personal computers and peripherals, today announced that Olidata is launching to retail chains in Europe a Wireless USB adapter set based on Wisair’s WSR601 single chip. The adapter set, to be sold in retail centers in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and the U.K, under the Olidata brand, allows users to turn their existing wired USB devices to Wireless USB devices and conveniently access them from anywhere in the room. The solution, consisting of a pair of USB adapters – one for the device and one of the PC – brings wireless connectivity to USB devices such as hard disk drives, printers, digital still cameras, camcorders, CD/DVD writers and hubs.

“Olidata is proud to be one of the pioneers in offering Wireless USB to the European consumer market. We believe that this technology is ready for prime time and has appeal to a broad base of home and business users,” said Antonio Masenza, president at Olidata. “Pursuing Olidata’s strategy of offering innovative solutions, we are convinced that the Wireless USB Adapter Set offers superior coverage and the freedom of mobility while connecting to USB peripherals.”

David Yaish, Wisair president and CEO noted, “We are excited to be working with Olidata to bring this compelling technology to European markets. We see a very promising future for the Wireless USB adapter set, as it is the first worldwide WUSB product based on a single chip. Also, we are looking forward to collaborating with Olidata to bring additional Wireless USB offerings to market.”

About the Wireless USB Adapter Set

The WUSB adapter set allows users to wirelessly connect from their laptop/desktop to a range of USB devices, which can be placed anywhere in the room. Wireless USB connectivity is enabled by attaching the PC adapter to the PC/notebook and connecting the device adapter to the USB port of the device. Following a simple, standard-Windows setup, USB devices are identified without any physical connection, providing the freedom of wirelessly backing up data, printing, or transferring data. The device adapter can also be attached to a USB hub, turning it into a WUSB hub. The suggested retail price of the adapter set in Italy will be 59 EUR. For further information visit: http://www.olidata.com/wusb

About Olidata

Olidata LogoOlidata is Italy’s leading manufacturer of personal computers. Founded in 1982, it boasts hundreds of thousands of installed systems and sells several lines of PC, suited for every setting from the home to the large corporation. Olidata’s modern technologies, constant R&D investments and compliance with the strict ISO 9001 design and production standards give its personal computers incomparable quality and reliability. Olidata was also the first company in the sector to bring the build-to-order system to Italy, whereby personal computers are made on the basis of actual demand. This makes the company exceptionally flexible and allows it to adapt easily to customers’ needs and to the constant evolution of the market. For more information, visit www.olidata.com

About Wisair

Wisair LogoWisair is a fabless semiconductor company providing Ultra Wideband (UWB) and Certified Wireless USB solutions based on its CMOS single chip. Recognized for their superior coverage, and throughput, Wisair’s solutions offer the best combination of performance, price, and power consumption for Wireless USB. For more information, visit www.wisair.com

Olidata Headquarters Contact:

Via Fossalta, 3055
47023 Pievesestina di Cesena (FC)
Phone: +39 547 419 106
Fax: +39 547 419 220

Olidata is a registered trademark of Olidata Spa. Wisair is a registered trademark of Wisair. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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