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First Japanese Manufacturer Brings Wireless USB Kit To Market

December 10th, 2008 Subscribe to WUSB Blog RSS Feed Bookmark

The Wireless USB Kit gives Japanese users the ability to wirelessly connect their notebook to a wide range of USB devices, connected with a WUSB hub, which can be placed anywhere in the room.

RATOC Systems REX-WUSB1 Wireless USB Kit(via Web Research – December 10, 2008) The leading Japanese Manufacturer Ratoc Systems announced the release of the first Certified Wireless USB Starter Kit for the Japanese market for mid-December 2008. The system is designed for installation in the CardBus PC card slot and implements WUSB functionality to any notebook or laptop with such a slot. This is a great way to eliminate the cables from a notebook connecting the USB peripherals, like printers, scanners or external hard drives. To improve the connectivity between hub and PC card, the hub comes with a dedicated stand for vertical usage. Additionally a separate antenna stand for the PC card UWB antenna is included.

About the Wireless USB Adapter Kit REX-WUSB1

The Certified Wireless USB Kit REX-WUSB1 allows users to wirelessly connect from their notebook to a range of USB devices, which can be placed anywhere in the room. WUSB connectivity is enabled by plugging in the Wireless USB CardBus PC Card (WH-CBA01) into the notebook. After installing the WUSB application software and Wireless USB drivers users are able to associate the Wireless USB hub (WD-HUB01). Following a simple, standard-Windows setup, USB devices are identified without any physical connection, providing the freedom of wirelessly backing up data, printing, or transferring data.  The suggested retail price of the Wireless USB Kit in Japan will be 31.500 Yen. For further information visit the Wireless USB Kit product page.

WUSB Starter Kit Technical Insights

  • Compatibility – The REX-WUSB1 is compatible to Wireless USB 1.0, USB 2.0
    and WiMedia UWB Platform requirements.
  • Chipsets – This new WUSB solution is powered with UWB chipsets from  NEC and Realtek.
    The CardBus PC Card is using NEC µPD720170 and Realtek RTU7010 UWB chips (MAC/PHY).
    It is compliant with Wireless Host Controller Interface (WHCI) specifications.
    The Wireless USB hub is using NEC µPD720180 and Realtek RTU7010 UWB chips (MAC/PHY).
  • Frequency Range – CardBus PC Card and WUSB hub are working from 4.224GHz to 4,752GHz.
  • Bandgroup – Supports Band 3 in WiMedia Band Group BG1
  • Data rates – 53.3Mbps, 80Mbps, 106.6Mbps, 160Mbps, 200Mbps,
    320Mbps, 400Mbps, 480Mbps are supported
  • Association mode – The kit supports cabled association via a Windows GUI.
    The Wireless USB hub stores up to 3 associated hosts and can also be used as a wired USB hub.
  • OS support – The included software CD-ROM contains the application software and drivers that adds WUSB support to any computer with Windows XP SP 2 (32 bit) or Windows Vista (32/64 bit).

About RATOC Systems

RATOC Systems LogoBased in Osaka, Japan, Ratoc Systems Inc. develops and sells a wide range of innovative peripherals for PCs. The company was founded in 1983 and employs 70 employees. The company has 25 years experience of PC Card (PCMCIA products) business, developing hardware and software, manufacturing, sales to both retail and OEM market in Japan. They design original ASIC for PC Card, hardware and develop device driver, utility and application software for Windows and MacOS market. The company is famous in Japan as a leading PC Card company. Ratoc Systems is a member company of PCMCIA Trade Association, JEIDA, PCI-SIG, USB-IF, CFA and SSFDC Forum, and all products are compliant these standards. More information is available at www.ratocsystems.com

RATOC Systems Headquarters Contact:

RATOC Systems, Inc.
1-6-14 Shinkitsuhigashi
Naniwa-ku MS: Asahi Namba Bldg.
Osaka Ciry, 556-0012
Tel: +81 6 6633 6110
Fax: +81 6 6633 8285

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